Our Christmas Wish

Hi everyone, and welcome to our Christmas Wish for the children living in our care! Every year we hold a fundraiser for the children here, and every year we share a Christmas just as magical, and just as important as the last!

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us, and even more we wish to end this year with a love filled and magical Christmas for the children living in Featherstale, Angels Gate, Rainbow & Kipepeo Home and Esther's House.

Together with the children we created a Wishlist for this years Christmas, where you can share a special and important gift with one, or many, of the children! It turned out that most of the wishes of the children are not just for a moment of fun, but for improving their life quality for a long time in fact!

After all, a special needs child can't walk without a wheelchair, a street involved child can't learn to read without a book, or write without a pen and paper… and this is the spirit of our Christmas vision! Not only sharing some of this magical time of the year with children who have often never received or opened a gift, or never even had a special meal on Christmas day… but providing the important gifts that truly change the lives of the children here. 

Together we can make this Christmas magical and wonderful for all of the 120 children living in our homes... Let's make some wishes come true together, and share the biggest smiles this season! :)

Thank you for keeping a space for the children in your heart this Christmas, and Thank you for your amazing love and support that makes us all so grateful to be part of this family at Share Tanzania every day of the year...

Love, light and Merry Christmas! 



- Adam is new at Angels Gate and wishes for a school bag, pencils, books and shoes to start school next year (£42)

- Naomi and Amina from Kipepeo are wishing to eat a special meal on Christmas Day (£20)

- Joyce from Featherstale wishes for a wheelchair, massage ball and sensory toys (£300)

- Frederick from Angels Gate wishes for a tool box, special course and uniform to become a mechanic (£230)

- Zawadi from Rainbow House wishes for some special clothes and a meal on Christmas Day (£20)

- Faraja from Angels Gate wishes to start his own welding workshop to start his own life (£290)

- David from Kipepeo wishes for a new collar for his favorite puppy (£10)

- The boys from Angels Gate wish to get a 3 month dancing class and dancing shoes & uniforms (£120)

- Amani and Ema from Kipepeo wish to go for an exciting daytrip (£40)

- Jackson from Featherstale wishes for parallel bars and correction shoes to learn walking by himself (£130)

- The Kipepeo Children wish to start their own Poultry Farm for eggs and cuddling chicken (£75)

- Doreen from Featherstale is wishing for school equipment to start school soon (£65)

- Domi, Athumani and Akili from Angels Gate wish to go and see Giraffes in the national park close by (£60)

- Mathayo from Featherstale is wishing for therabands and a TENS machine for improving his physical ability (£107)

- Ibu from Featherstale wishes to go to a special playground (£20)

- Ivan and Irene from Esther's Home wish for baby formula to start the new year strong and healthy (£87)

- Flora and Sara from Featherstale are wishing for some plants for their raised garden (£35)

- Monica from Featherstale is wishing for a special Christmas meal (£10)

To only name a few... :) x

Merry Christmas!

To share a Giftbox with your sponsor child in the community, please click here: