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Hi everyone, and thank you for visiting the Share Tanzania Christmas fundraiser for 2019! Every year we hold a fundraiser for the children here, and every year we share a Christmas just as magical, and just as important as the last!

 This is not about just fun for one day, but a change that lasts all year round! After all, a child can't learn to read without a book, or write without a pen and paper… and this is the spirit of our Christmas project! Not only sharing some of this magical time of the year with children who have often never even received or opened a gift but among the dolls, teddy bears and toy cars… providing the important educational gifts that truly change the lives of the children here, and give them that head start many sadly miss out on. So how can you share a little Christmas magic this year, read on to find out! 
Gift boxes: With the rising postal costs and the postal service being a little very difficult here, we have started making up gift boxes here in Tanzania on your behalf, ensuring the children get their gifts on time, and you don’t spend more than the value of the gift on posting it! We have 4 tiers this year if you want to buy one for a child you know, or a child you don’t, just follow the form at the bottom of this page, and then it's done!
Merry Christmas everyone, and thank you for sharing your love, support and Christmas spirit with the children here… We know how much it means to them, we hope we can show you that too this year with photos and videos of the big day!

Small Gift Box £10:
A small gift box contains basics for the children. A culturally suitable toy, stationery, exercise and drawing book and sweets for the day also.
Medium Gift Box £25:
A medium gift box contains all of the above plus the addition of a story book, and a new school bag for the year ahead!
Large Gift Box £40:
A large box has all of the above, plus! A new pair of shoes, toiletries and an additional toy to share with a friend.
Family Gift Box £80:
This Gift box will benefit the whole family! It includes a mattress, mosquito net, special food hamper and toys, sweets, stationary, exercise and drawing books for the children too.

Thank you for making this Christmas special for a child in Tanzania!

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