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Why Do We Need Feathers Tale?

Feathers Tale Children’s Village was conceived and started, due to what we learned from our community support work with the children’s fund. As time progressed we began to identify certain children who could not be supported in the community, or with guardians and foster families.
 At the core of Feathers Tale are children with special needs and disabilities. Due to the demands of poverty, work and no support, parents with special needs children often have no choice but to leave their children alone whilst they work, and for all neglect can occur intentionally, it also occurs unintentionally with it.
 Some parents are sadly even made homeless by the demands of raising a special needs child alone, which is how our first special needs child arrived at our gates.

Other children often had HIV, sadly the stigma surrounding the virus still exists in the community. Others were troubled and traumatised children, whom relatives could not cope with. Other were failed foster cases, where guardians mistreated the child despite our social work team outreach helping as best they could with education.



How Can You Help Feathers Tale?

Until we can expand on our farming projects to achieve a level of being self sustainable, we rely heavily on sponsors for the children for medical costs, and additional staff to support the single mothers with children that live here.
 You can share your support  with a special needs child here by clicking the sponsor a child tab in the menu above.
 Of course sharing your support in other ways are welcome, be it a donation, fund raising or even a prayer at night, are all equally welcomed.





















How Is It A Solution For Special Needs Children Without Parents & Single Parents With Special Needs Children?
  1. Having a small community where parents with special needs children can live with one another is initially a way for both the parent/guardians to have support from one another, given they are sharing in the same experiences in life to some degree.

  2. Likewise, the children who never get to socialize with other special needs children, have daily interactions with others in the same position physically and mentally as they are...

  3. When parents need to do simple tasks, perhaps wash clothing, go shopping, cook or even work... then they are surrounded by people who are qualified to care for a special needs child, people who have the patience and understanding to care for such children, given they too are the parents and guardians of a child with special needs.

  4. The communal building allows for education, play and socializing to take place, where it otherwise would not. We helped a child named Anna with a mental disability in April 2015, she has spent 12 years sitting in the mud outside her parents mud hut, never once receiving any stimulus or chance to socialize, other than with her parents.. (when they had time given they were always laboring to provide food and rent..)

  5. The children's funds social worker can keep a constant check on the children, and their guardians to ensure their well-being both mentally and physically.

  6. Our on sight physiotherapist can help with rehabilitating children and teaching them to walk etc if possible. Also, our occupational therapy can help children to develop in other ways, such as mental functioning etc

  7. Children don't need to be separated from mothers that love them.

  8. As we have the vehicle with the NGO, emergency transport for medical issues is always available, whereas without it most children are close to an hour from a hospital, at night time that could be 8 hours +, as all our residents would have to wait for the public transport to start.

  9. Children receive physio, wheelchairs, sensory stimulation.. rather than being left on the floor somewhere, ( as is the only option to most families..)

  10. There are many more benefits, but these are key... lastly and perhaps more importantly, finally single parents with such children will have an option, and hopefully in time, less special needs children will be abandoned here by desperate parents in need of help...


Eco Living At Feathers Tale

At Feathers Tale we grow a lot of our own food for the residents. We are also an off the grid community using only solar power.
 We just need a water well in fact, and we can be completely self-sufficient for food, water and energy needs.


Pet Therapy

We are beginning the early stages of pet therapy here at the Children’s Village also. Using some of our rescue dogs, and soon equine therapy with 2 rescue horses, we hope to help with the healing process and development of the children here.